lunedì 30 novembre 2009

Dai che ieri per 3 secondi non era grigio

Thermos di lunedì 30 novembre. In studio precisi e riposati Michele Restuccia e Jonathan Clancy.

Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader (Neon Indian 'Studio 6669' Remix)
Mir - No Parts Inside (s/t - Wallace Records)
Dominant Legs - About My Girls (7" - True Panther)
Official Secrets Act - Bloodsport (Filthy Dukes remix)
Suicide - Rain Of Ruin (A Way Of Life - Blast First 1988)
Shafiq Husayn - Major Heavy feat. Sonny Coates & Coates Bass D(en'a free ka - rapster)
King Midas Sound - Meltdown (Waiting for You - Hyperdub)
Speech DeBelle - Go Then, Bye (Esser remix) (Go Then, Bye promo cds - Big Dada)
Washed Out - Phone Call (High Times - Mirror Universe Tapes)
Metric - Twilight Galaxy (Fantasies - Metric Productions)
The Sandwitches - Marry Me (How To Make Ambient Sadcake - Turn Up Records)
Yo Majesty - Don't Let Go (Radio Slave Vocal)
Atlas Sound - Criminals (Electronic Version) (Rough Trade EP - 4AD)
Lushlife - In Soft Focus (feat Ariel Pink) (Cassette City - Rapster)

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