mercoledì 16 aprile 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 16 aprile

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Charles Cohen - 'Dance Of The Spiritcatchers (Version 1 - 200series Morphosis Rework)' (Morphine) 
Ron Morelli - 'Periscope Blues (Version)' (Hospital Productions)
Eric Holm - 'Åse' (Subtext)
Dalhous - 'He Was Human And Belonged With Humans (Regis Version)' (Blackest Ever Black)
Shxcxchcxsh - 'Mrrrchnnn' (Avian)
Szare - 'Meet You' (Frozen Border)
Fennesz - 'The Liar' (Editions Mego)
Killing Sound - 'Water Boxing' (Blackest Ever Black)
Scanner - 'The Nature Of Being' (Bine Music)
The Ruts - 'Babylon's Burning (Live)' (Dandelion)
Swans - 'Oxygen' (Young God)

Podcast della trasmissione disponibile per l'ascolto e il download fino al 23 aprile:

Music Sounds Better Without You

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

MAC DEMARCO, Treat Her Better, Salad Days (Captured Tracks)
PERFECT PUSSY, Big Stars, Say Yes To Love (Captured Tracks)
FENSTER, True Love, The Pink Caves (Morr Music)
THE SKULL DEFEKTS, It Started With The Light, Dances In Dreams Of The Known Unknown (Thrill Jockey)
SYCAMORE AGE, How To Hunt a Giant Butterfly JULIE'S HAIRCUT, Remixes/Reworks (Santeria)
CRAIG LEON, Donkeys Bearing Cups, Nommos (Superior Viaduct)
LUCY, Catch Twenty Two SHAPEDNOISE Rmx, Churches Schools and Guns Rmxs (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
JACK DICE, Kerosene, Sip Paint (Modern Love)
GODBLESSCOMPUTERS, Nothing To Me, Veleno (Fresh Yo! / White Forest)
WEN, Time feat. PARRIS, Signals (Keysound)
EVIAN CHRIST, Waterfall, Waterfall (TriAngle)
RAINER VEIL, UK Will Not Survive, New Brutalism (Modern Love)
JON HOPKINS, Collider OBJEKT Remix, Collider (Domino)
VOICES FROM THE LAKE, Velo Di Maya, Velo Di Maya (The Bunker New York)
UNTOLD, Hobthrush, Black Light Spiral (Hemlock)
PATTEN, Winter Strobing, Estoile Naiant (Warp)

mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 9 aprile

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Neil Young - 'Cinnamon Girl (Live at the Cellar Door)' (Reprise)
Morrissey - 'Satellite Of Love (Live)' (Parlophone)
Sun Kil Moon - 'Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes' (Caldo Verde)
Damien Jurado - 'Jericho Road' (Secretly Canadian)
Real Estate - 'Past Lives' (Domino)
Weekend - 'Drumbeat' (Blackest Ever Black)
HTRK - 'Soul Sleep' (Ghostly International)
Mace - 'La Stasi' (Eclipse Music)
A New Line (Related) - 'A Whitering Attack' (Home Assembly)
Luke Vibert - 'Acrobot' (Hypercolour)
Untold - 'Wet Wool' (Hemlock)
Talker - 'Cut The Weight (Extended Version)' (Downwards)

mercoledì 2 aprile 2014

Where Are Our Monsters Now, Where Are Our Friends?

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

JACK DICE, Low Glo, Sip Paint (Modern Love)
MACHINEDRUM, Center Your Love [Seafloor remix]
GODBLESSCOMPUTERS, Seventh Floor, Veleno (Fresh YO! / White Forest)
WEN, Galactic, Signals (Keysound)
DJ EARL, Break
RAINER VEIL, Run Out, New Brutalism (Modern Love)
POLAR BEAR, Sometimes, In Each and Every One (Leaf)
THE STRANGER, Where Are Our Monsters Now Where Are Our Friends?, Watching Dead Empires On Decay (Modern Love)
LUCY, The Illusion of Choice, Churches Schools & Guns (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
KERRIDGE, Death Is Upon Us, A Fallen Empire (Downwards)
JON HOPKINS, Collider KARENN remix, Collider (Domino)
C L N K, July Tense, Black Ecstasy (Error-Broadcast)
DJ NIGGA-FOX, Hwambo, O Meu Estilo (Principe)
PATTEN, Agen, Estoile Naiant (Warp)
EVIAN CHRIST, Fuck Idol, Waterfall (Tri Angle)
SCHOOLBOY Q, Studio feat. BJ THE CHICAGO KID, Oxymoron (Top Dawg Entertainment)

mercoledì 26 marzo 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 26 marzo

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Bruta Non Calculant - 'The Perfect One' (Cititrax)
Birds Of Passage - 'Yesterday's Stains' (Denovali)
Koenrad Ecker - 'Oran (Part 2)' (Digitalis)
Clay Rendering - 'Waters Above The Firmament' (Hospital Productions)
Peder Mannerfelt - 'Lines Describing Circles' (Digitalis)
Cube - 'Cellular Clown' (Digitalis)
Prostitutes - 'This Whole Affair Is So Fucking Unfair' (Mira)
Florian Kupfer - 'This Society' (L.I.E.S.)
Tuxedomoon - 'New Machine' (Superior Viaduct)
Pye Corner Audio - 'Electronic Rhythm Number Two' (Type)
Sendai - 'Sequential Convex' (Archives Intérieures)
Blood Red Shoes - 'An Animal' (Jazz Life) 

Alberto Simoni e Amedeo Bruni Thermos 26/03/14 Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

We Live As We Dream

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

CRAIG LEON, Four Eyes To See The Afterlife, Nommos (Superior Viaduct)
SWANS, A Little God In My Hands, To Be Kind (Young God)
POLAR BEAR, They're All Ks and Qs Lucien, In Each and Everyone (Leaf)
BASS CLEF, Full Moon Revenge Rainbow, Acid Tracts E.P. (Alter)
LUCY, We Live As We Dream, Churches Schools and Guns (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
RAINER VEIL, Strangers, New Brutalism (Modern Love)
EVIAN CHRIST, Salt Carousel, Waterfall (Tri Angle)
DIZZEE RASCAL, Strings Hoe WEN Refix (Keysound)
SCHOOLBOY Q, Break The Bank, Oxymoron (Top Dawg Entertainment)
JACK DICE, Stash's Theme feat. STASH MARINA, Sip Paint (Modern Love)
OS P.D.D.G, Hino Dos Piquenos DJs Do Guetto (Principe Discos)
PATTEN, Here Always + Drift, Estoile Naiant (Warp)
JON HOPKINS, Collider PANGAEA Remix, Collider (Domino)
PYE CORNER AUDIO, Inside The Wave + Memory Wiped, Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3 & 4 (Type)

mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 19 marzo

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Holly Herndon - 'Chorus' (RVNG Intl.)
Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions - 'Changing Times' (Overground)
Clipping. - 'Body And Blood' (Sub Pop)
Low Jack - 'Punta' (L.I.E.S.)
Exoteric Continent - 'Sinòpsi D'Una Crisi' (Hospital Productions)
Millie & Andrea - 'Stay Ugly' (Modern Love)
Sleeper - 'Burn The Bridge' (Osiris Music)
Lakker - 'Containing A Thousand' (R & S)
Yves De Mey - 'Double Slit' (Semantica)
Broken English Club - 'Boxes' (Jealous God)
Liars - 'Mess On A Mission (Silent Servant Remix)' (Mute)
Streetwalker - 'Ooze (Silent Servant Remix)' (Diagonal)
Benoit Pioulard - 'Florid (Loscil Remix)' (Lost Tribe Sound)

Alberto Simoni e Amedeo Bruni Thermos 19/03/14 Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

giovedì 13 marzo 2014


In studio Alarico Mantovani ed Edoardo Bridda, direttore di SentireAscoltare:

WILEY, Wot Do U Call It? [Instrumental Igloo], Wot Do U Call It? (XL)
LOGOS, Kowloon, Kowloon (Keysound)
LOGOS, Alien Shapes feat. DUSK + BLACKDOWN, Cold Mission (Keysound)
DIGITAL, Special Mission, Metalheadz Boxset 1 (Metalheadz)
JAM CITY, B.A.D., Classical Curves (Night Slugs)
FATIMA AL QADIRI, Oil Well, Desert Strike (Fade To Mind)
VISIONIST, The Call feat. FATIMA AL QADIRI, I'm Fine (Lit City Trax)
VISIONIST, Snakes, Snakes (Leisure System)
BLOOM, Maze Temple [VISIONIST Remix], Maze Temple (Lost Codes)
SAMENAME, Mishima Curse, VARIOUS Feathers (Pelican Fly)
SD LAIKA, I Feel Cold + Spaceman Piff [VISIONIST Remix], Unknown Vectors (Lost Codes)
MURLO, Last Dance, Last Dance (Glacial Sound)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
FUNCTION, Psychic Warfare, Incubation (Ostgut Ton)
FLORIAN KUPFER, Lifetrax, Lifetrax (L.I.E.S.)
OMAR SOULEYMAN, Wenu Wenu, Wenu Wenu (Ribbon Music)

mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 12 marzo

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni:

Efdemin - 'Subatomic' (Dial)
Lucy - 'Leave Us Alone' (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Xhin - 'Claw Eyes' (Semantica)
Untold - 'Drop It On The One' (Hemlock)
Mondkopf - 'Eternal Dust' (In Paradisum)
Donato Dozzy & Nuel - 'Aqua 7' (Spectrum Spools)
Pan Sonic - '5.31' (Kvitnu)
Ekoplekz - 'Trace Elements' (Planet Mu)
Karen Gwyer - ' Lay Claim To My Grub' (No Pain In Pop)
Neneh Cherry - 'Weightless' (Smalltown Supersound)
Mike Watt - 'Confused Parts Man' (Clenched Wrench)

Alberto Simoni e Amedeo Bruni Thermos 12/03/14 Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

mercoledì 5 marzo 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 5 marzo

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Thalia Zedek Band - 'Afloat' (Thrill Jockey)
Eagulls - 'Hollow Visions' (Partisan Records)
Laibach - 'Americana' (Mute)
The Jermz - 'Power Cut' dalla compilation 'Punk 45 vol.2' (Soul Jazz)
Nadja - 'Dark Circles' (Essence Music)
Hauschka - 'Pripyat' (Temporary Residence)
D. Edwards - 'Untitled #2' (The Death Of Rave)
Kangding Ray - 'Transitional Ballistics' (Raster Noton)
Millie & Andrea - 'Back Down' (Modern Love)
Perc - 'Speek' (Perc Trax)
Ducerey Ada Nexino - 'School Phosphene' (Genesa)
Rainer Veil - 'Negative Space' (Modern Love)

mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 19 febbraio

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Devo - 'Jocko Homo' (Superior Viaduct) Bob Casale R.I.P.
Mark Mothersbaugh - 'My Secret Weapon'  (WaterTower)
Jack Dice - 'Low Glo' (Modern Love)
Biosphere - 'The Seal & The Hydrophone v.1' (Biophon)
Leyland Kirby - 'Last Ditch Legacy' (Apollo)
Lucy - 'Catch Twenty Two' (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Demdike Stare - 'Dyslogy' (Modern Love)
Jeff Mills - 'An Alternative To Earth' (Axis)
Anodyne - 'The Edge Of The Universe' (Yellow Machines) 
Solvent - 'Burn The Tables' (Suction)
Pye Corner Audio - 'Evil Surrounds' (Type)
The Body - 'To Carry the Seeds of Death Within Me' (RVNG)

Alberto Simoni e Amedeo Bruni - Thermos 19/02/14 Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

UK Will Not Survive

In studio Alarico Mantovani

MACHINEDRUM, Baby Its You, Vapor City (Ninja Tune)
BIBIO, A Thousand Syllables, Green (Warp)
TIM HECKER, Virginal II, Virgins (Kranky)
STEV, Nakamise, Elsewhere (Loci)
PATTEN, Towards Infinite Shores, Eolian Instate (Warp)
KELELA, Bank Head prod. KINGDOM, Cut 4 Me (Fade To Mind)
LEE BANNON, Value 10, Alternate/Endings (Ninja Tune)
DJ EARL, Break
DEMDIKE STARE, Null Results, Testpressing 004 (Modern Love)
RAINER VEIL, UK Will Not Survive, New Brutalism (Modern Love)
PYE CORNER AUDIO, Void Bound, Black Mill Tapes Volumes 3 & 4 (Type)
LUCY, The Illusion of Choice (DONATO DOZZY remix), Churches Schools & Guns Rmxs (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
THE STRANGER, Spiral of Decline, Watching Dead Empires in Decay (Modern Love)
METASPLICE, Novaglide, Infratracts (Morphine)
EGYPTRIXX, A/B Till Infinity, A/B Till Infinity (Night Slugs)
RON MORELLI, Modern Paranoia, Spit (Hospital Productions)

mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 12 febbraio

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Skiantos - 'Largo All'Avanguardia' (Cramps)  
Roberto 'Freak' Antoni R.I.P.

Pontiak - 'Lack Lustre Rush' (Thrill Jockey)
Sleaford Mods - 'Bambi' (X-Mist)
The Proper Ornaments - 'Riverboat' (Lo & Behold)
The Pastels - 'Night Time Made Us' (Domino)
The Gist - 'Clean Bridges' (1972)
Carl Craig - 'Meditation 3 (Version)' (Ministry Of Sound)
The Orb - 'Assassin (7" Mix)' dal boxset 'History Of The Future' (Island)
Loscil featuring Kelly Wise - 'Endless Falls' (Frond)
Actress - 'Forgiven' (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)
The House In The Woods - 'Sunlight On Rusting Hulk' (Exotic Pylon)
Charles Cohen - 'Water' (Morphine)

Alberto Simoni - Thermos 12/02/14 - Radio Città del Capo Bologna by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

Dystopian Vectors

In studio Alarico Mantovani

PATTEN, Sixth Seven, Eolian Instate (Warp)
18+, Oixu, Mixtap3 (Self-Released)
DJ RASHAD, She a Go, Double Cup (Hyperdub)
VISIONIST, Escape, I'm Fine (Lit City Trax)
LEE BANNON, Cold/Melt, Alternate/Endings (Ninja Tune)
PYE CORNER AUDIO, Electronic Rhythm Number Two, Black Mill Tapes Volume 4 Dystopian Vectors (Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services)
AKKORD, Channel Drift, Akkord (Houndstooth)
RAUM910, Silent Control, Endless Echo (Several Reasons)
LUCY, 201 Phasing (CHRIS LIEBING Triple Bell Edit), 201 Phasing (CLR)
CONTAINER, Slush, Adhesive (Liberation Technologies)
SILENT SERVANT, Lust Abandon, Jealous God 03 (Jealous God)
VON TESLA, Null Hypersurface, Raised by Clear Acid (Boring Machines)
GARDLAND, Hell Flur, Syndrome Syndrome (RVNG Intl.)
STEV, Winter Train, Elsewhere (Loci)
OMAR SOULEYMAN, Khattaba, Wenu Wenu (Ribbon Music)
BOMBINO, Her Tenere, Nomad (Nonesuch)
LAND OF KUSH, Mobil Nil, The Big Mango (Constellation)

mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 5 febbraio

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Tara Jane O' Neil - 'Elemental Finding' (Kranky)
Mogwai - 'The Lord Is Out Of Control' (Rock Action)
Otto A. Totland - 'Steps' + 'Oana' (Sonic Pieces)
Gabriel Saloman - 'Cold Haunt' (Miasmah)
Benoit Pioulard - 'Mercy (Fieldhead remix)' (Lost Tribe Sound)
Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards - 'Up To The Skies' (Blackest Ever Black)
Prurient - 'Doors Closed In Secrecy' (Handmade Birds)
Eschaton - 'Seven Signs' (Token)
Headless Horseman - 'Legend' (Headless Horseman)
Visonia & Dopplereffekt - 'Die Reisen' (Last Known Trajectory)
Morphology - 'Zilog Z80' (Central Processing Unit)
Breathless - 'Please Be Happy' (Tenor Vossa)

Alberto Simoni e Amedeo Bruni - Thermos 05/02/14 Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

Financial Glam

In studio Alarico Mantovani

CHARLES COHEN, Dance of the Spiritcatchers, The Middle Distance (Morphine)
METASPLICE, Cylindrics, Infratracts (Morphine)
GARDLAND, Success in Circuit, Syndrome Syndrome (RVNG Intl.)
RAUM910, Endless Echo, Endless Echo (Several Reasons)
LUCY, 201 Phasing (DADUB Remix), 201 Phasing (CLR)
VON TESLA, All Cycles Lost, Raised By Clear Acid (Boring Machines)
VOICES FROM THE LAKE FEAT. DONATO DOZZY & NEEL, Drop 4, Silent Drops E. P. (Prologue)
CONTAINER, Glaze, Adhesive (Liberation Technologies)
KERRIDGE, Scare Tactics, A Fallen Empire (Downwards)
JAR MOFF, Financial Glam, Financial Glam (PAN)
PATTEN, Aviary, Eolian Instate (Warp)
18+, Oixu, Mixtap3 (Self-realeased)

mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 29 gennaio (speciale minimal synth/coldwave pt.3)

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Kevin Lazar - 'Dark Heart Cabaret' (Vinyl On Demand)
The Human League - 'The Things That Dreams Are Made Of' (Control Room)
Streetwalker - 'The Real Thing' (Cititrax)
Tuxedomoon - 'Where Interests Lie' (Superior Viaduct)
The Soft Moon - 'Feel' (Self Released)
Ike Yard - 'Cherish 8 (The KVB remix)' (Desire)
Liaisons Dangereuses - 'Avant - après Mars' (Soul Sheriff)
Emily Faryna - 'I've Got A Steel Bar In My Head' (Vinyl On Demand)
Peter Becker - 'Eyes Blink (Disco Mix)' (Vinyl On Demand)
Godley & Creme - 'Babies' dalla compilation 'Metal Dance 2' (Strut)
Blancmange - 'Just Another Spectre' (Minimal Wave)
Burma Camp - 'Repulsion' (Mira)

Alberto Simoni - Thermos 29/01/14 Speciale Minimal Synth/Coldwave pt.3 - Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

Modern Paranoia

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

THE BUG, Hardcore Lover feat. WARRIOR QUEEN (Acid Ragga)
KELELA, Enemy [Prod. NGUZUNGUZU], Cut 4 Me (Fade to mind)
PATTEN, oea/Catalogue, Eolian Instate (Warp)
CLAMS CASINO, Lvl [A$AP ROCKY], Instrumental Mixtape 3 (Self-released)
AKKORD, Conveyor, Akkord (Houndstooth)
C L N K, Tears for Fears, Black Ecstasy (Error-Broadcast)
LEE BANNON, NW/WB, Alternate/Endings (Ninja Tune)
BASS CLEF, Apathy Flash, Acid Tracts E.P. (MAGIC + DREAMS)
SILENT SERVANT, Lust Abandon (POWELL Reconstruction), Jealous God 03 (Jealous God)
GARDLAND, Magicville, Syndrome Syndrome (RVNG Intl.)
CHARLES COHEN, Camera Dance, The Middle Distance (Morphine)
METASPLICE, Dioxinition, Infratracts (Morphine)
EGYPTRIXX, Water, A/B Till Infinity (Night Slugs)
LUCY, 201 Phasing, 201 Phasing (CLR)

giovedì 23 gennaio 2014

What Time Is Hate?

In studio Alarico Mantovani

MISTY CONDITIONS, Drizzle, D'zzzz (Planet Mu)
C L N K, Dristor, Black Ecstasy (Error Broadcast)
POWELL, Fizz, Fizz (Liberation Technologies)
REZZETT, Yayla, Rezzett (The Trilogy Tapes)
SILENT SERVANT, Lust Abandon, Jealous God 03 (Jealous God)
EGYPTRIXX, Alta Civilization, A/B Till Infinity (Night Slugs)
VOICES FROM THE LAKE, Drop 2, Silent Drops (Prologue)
GARDLAND, Ride Wid Me, Syndrome Syndrome (RVNG Intl.)
BASS CLEF, Strings of Death, Acid Tracts E.P. (MAGIC + DREAMS)
DEMDIKE STARE, Null Results, Testpressing # 004 (Modern Love)
LEE BANNON, Readly/Available, Alternate/Endings (Ninja Tune)
DJ RASHAD, Let U No feat. SPINN + I'm Too Hi feat. EARL, Double Cup (Hyperdub)

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 22 gennaio

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Deathday - 'Dropped Into Obscurity' (Mannequin)
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - 'Rumble At The Rainbo' (Domino)
Against Me! - 'Dear Friend' (Total Treble)
Clock DVA - 'The Adoptive Morphology Begins (phase V)' (Anterior Research)
Death Comet Crew - 'Alpha Delta' (Citinite)
Shackleton - 'Freezing Opening Thawing' (Woe To The Septic Heart)
Helm - 'Analogues' (PAN)
Container - 'Complex' (Liberation Technologies)
Pfirter - 'New State Of Consciusness (Lucy Remix)' (MindTrip)
Laurel Halo - 'Chance Of Rain' (Hyperdub)
Vereker - 'Untamed' (The Trilogy Tapes)
Pye Corner Audio - 'Dystopian Vector Part One' (Type)
Actress - 'Corner' (Ninja Tune) 

Alberto Simoni e Amedeo Bruni Thermos 22/01/14 Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

mercoledì 15 gennaio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 15 gennaio

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Pixies - 'Magdalena' (Self Released)
Shopping - 'Right Now' (Milk)
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - 'Fuck Off Get Free (For The Island Of Montreal)' (Constellation)
Glaxo Babies - 'Christine Keeler' dalla ristampa di 'Put Me On The Guest List' (Superior Viaduct)
Mark Lanegan - 'Halcyon Daze' (Light In The Attic)
Arovane - 'Gniddt' (n5Music)
Mouse On Mars - 'Bakerman Is Breaking Bad' (Monkeytown)
eMMplekz - 'Tethered To My Hotspot' (Mordant Music)
Area Forty_One - 'Nocturnal Passions Part I' (Delsin)
Svengalisghost - 'High Heel Sleaze' dalla compilation 'Music For Shut Ins' (L.I.E.S.)
AnD - 'IcDbYc' (Electric Deluxe)
Secret Boyfriend- 'Beyond The Darkness' (Blackest Ever Black)
Ø - 'Syvyydessä Kimallus' (Sahko)

Alberto Simoni e Amedeo Bruni - Thermos 15/01/14 Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

Best singles & EPs 2013

DJ RASHAD, Way I Feel, I Don't Give a Fuck (Hyperdub)
WEN, Spark It, Commotion (Keysound)
RUSTIE, Slasherr, Triadzz / Slasherr (Numbers)
SEPALCURE, He Said No, Make You (Hotflush)
TESSELA, Horizon, Nancy's Pantry (R&S)
REZZETT, Sutty, Rezzett (The Trilogy Tapes)
PETE SWANSON, Punk Authority, Punk Authority (Software)
SHAPEDNOISE, Witness of a Heart Attack Death, Until Human Voices Wake Us (Opal Tapes)
MILES, Plutocracy, Unsecured (Modern Love)
RAINER VEIL, Wade In, Struck (Modern Love)
DEMDIKE STARE, Fail, Testpressing #004 (Modern Love)
POWELL, A Band, Untitled (The Death of Rave)
MORPHOSIS, Tamrat Version, Dismantle / Music for Vampyr (Honest Jon's)
LDGU, Flakin Off, Rattigan Glumphoboo (Queenspectra)
ACTRESS, Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion, Silver Cloud (Werk Discs / Ninja Tune)

mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 8 gennaio

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Burial - 'Rival Dealer' (Hyperdub)
Logos ft. Rabit - 'Swarming' (Keysound Recordings)
Egyptrixx - 'A/B Til Infinity' (Night Slugs)
Arthur Russell - 'This Is How We Walk On The Moon' (Arc Light Editions)
David Bowie - 'Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)' (ISO)
Barnett + Coloccia - 'Switch' (Blackest Ever Black)
Oake - 'Wekanee Siin Redrech Enjen' (Downwards)
Kerridge - 'Death Is Upon Us' (Downwards)
Skirt - 'Wish In The Maze (Inigo Kennedy Remix)' (Semantica)
Conforce - 'Scientific Trajectory' (Delsin)
Ron Morelli - 'Public Consuption' (Hospital Productions)

Best albums 2013

AKKORD – Akkord (Houndstooth)
DALHOUS – An Ambassador For Laing (Blackest Ever Black)
DJ RASHAD – Double Cup (Hyperdub)
DONATO DOZZY – Plays Bee Mask (Spectrum Spools)
DUCKTAILS – The Flower Lane (Domino)
FIRE! - Without Noticing (Rune Grammofon)
FUNCTION – Incubation (Ostgut Ton)
THE HAXAN CLOAK – Excavation (Tri Angle)
HOLDEN – The Inheritors (Border Community)
JON HOPKINS – Immunity (Domino)
KERRIDGE – A Fallen Empire (Downwards)
MACHINEDRUM – Vapor City (NinjaTune)
METASPLICE – Infratracts (Morphine)
THESE NEW PURITANS – Field of Reeds (Infectious)
TIM HECKER – Virgins (Kranky)

ACTEURS – Acteurs (Public Information)
BENJAMIN DAMAGE – Heliosphere (50Weapons)
BOARDS OF CANADA – Tomorrow's Harvest (Warp)
DEAN BLUNT – The Redeemer (Hippos In Tanks)EMPTYSET – Recur (Raster-Noton)
FIRE! ORCHESTRA – Exit! (Rune Grammofon)
FLOORPLAN – Paradise (M-Plant)
THE HELIOCENTRICS – 13 Degrees ofReality (Now-Again)
THE KNIFE – Shaking the Habitual (Braille)
LOGOS – Cold Mission (Keysound)
MAXMILLION DUNBAR – House of Woo (Rvng Intl.)
MISTY CONDITIONS – D'zzzz (PlanetMu)
THE OH SEES – Floating Coffin (Castle Face)
OMAR SOULEYMAN – Wenu Wenu (RibbonMusic)
oOoOO – Without Your Love (Nihjgt Feelings)
PROSTITUTES – Crushed Interior (Digitalis)
RABIH BEAINI – Albidaya (Annihaya)
RON MORELLI - Spit (HospitalProductions)
RP BOO – Legacy (Planet Mu)
STELLAR OM SOURCE – Joy One Mile (Rvng Intl.)
VARIOUS – Livity Sound (Livity Sound)
WOLF EYES – No Answer Lower Floors (De Stjil)

mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013

Thermos di mercoledi 18 dicembre

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni per l'ultima trasmissione del 2013.

Marcas Cabral - 'Haitian Priest' (L.I.E.S.)
Vatican Shadow - 'Al Qaeda' (Hospital Productions)
Ike Yard - 'Half A God (Powell Remix)' (Desire)
Cabaret Voltaire - 'Just Fascination' (Mute)
Drexciya - 'The Last Trasmission' (Clone Classic Cuts)
Dmx Crew - 'Kitchen Bench' (No Label)
Oake - 'Sehtohree Diin Chromtas Vehn' (Downwards)
Batillus - 'Concrete (Andy Stott Remix)' (Modern Love)
NHK'Koyxen - '501' (PAN)
Man Is A Rope ft. Karl O'Connor - 'Woman That Melted' (Variance)
Sleaford Mods - 'Fizzy' (Harbinger)
Throwing Muses - 'Freesia' (The Friday Project)
The Dismemberment Plan - 'The Ice Of Boston' (Partisan) 


In studio Alarico Mantovani

LIARS, Octagon, WIXIW (Mute)
MIRTO BALIANI, Attesa, T.E.L. (Offset)
CABARET VOLTAIRE, Eastern Mantra, Three Mantras (Rough Trade)
DEMDIKE STARE, Viento de Levante, Voices of Dust (Modern Love)
SHACKLETON, Hamas Rule, VV. AA. Soundboy Punishment (Skull Disco)
OMAR SOULEYMAN, Khattaba, Wenu Wenu (Ribbon Music)
THE HELIOCENTRICS, Distant Star (Instrumental), Fallen Angels - The Singles Collection (Now-Again)
LHF, Indian Street Slang, Keepers of the Light (Keysound)
DUSK + BLACKDOWN, Con/fusion, Margins Music (Keysound)
THE BUG, Skeng, London Zoo (Ninja Tune)
BURAKA SOM SISTEMA, Luanda Lisboa, Black Diamond (Fabric London)
MANCINGELANI, Vana Vasesi THEO PARRISH remix (Honest Jon's)

Ci risentiamo martedì 7 gennaio con la prima puntata dedicata ai migliori dischi del 2013.

mercoledì 11 dicembre 2013

Thermos di mercoledi 11 dicembre

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Robert Hood - 'Eleven' (M-Plant)
Silent Servant - 'Lust Abandon' (Jealous God)
AnD - 'Bow#1' (Modal Analysis)
Prostitutes - 'Braces On My Fangs' dalla compilation 'Feral Grind' (Submit)
Answer Code Request - 'Crack City' (Answer Code Request)
Demdike Stare - 'Fail' (Modern Love)
Patten - 'Oea/Catalogue' (Warp)
John Beltran - 'Return To Nightfall' dalla compilation '100DSR' (Delsin)
Starfuckers - 'Infrantumi Feedback' (Not On Label)
The Chameleons - 'Second Skin (Live In Bremen 1983)' (Blue Apple Music)
Wolf Eyes - 'Asbestos Demo' (AA Records)
Ultramarine - 'Dugout' (Real Soon)
Latest Alberto_Simoni's Cloudcasts on Mixcloud

You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago

In studio Alarico Mantovani

DUCKTAILS, Wish Hotel, Wish Hotel (Domino)
WEMEN, Young Ebenezer, Albanian Paisley Underground (Black Candy)
FATHER MURPHY, Let Them All Fail With You, Pain Is On Our Side Now (Boring Machines)
TIM HECKER, Black Refraction, Virgins (Kranky)
FIRE!, Standing On a Rabbit, Without Noticing (Rune Grammofon)
KERRIDGE, Straight to Hell, A Fallen Empire (Downwards) 
DEMDIKE STARE, Fail, Testpressing #4 (Modern Love)
RON MORELLI, No Real Reason, Spit (Hospital Productions)
EGYPTRIXX, Adult, A/B Till Infinity (Night Slugs) 
TESSELA, Gateway, Nancy's Pantry (R&S)
OBJEKT, Fishbone, Objekt #3 (Objekt)
REZZETT, Firebomb, Rezzett (The Trilogy Tapes)
ANTHONY NAPLES, Busy Signal, El Portal (The Trilogy Tapes)
DJ RASHAD, Feelin, Double Cup (Hyperdub)  
MISTY CONDITIONS, D'Mmmm, D'Zzzz (Planet Mu)  
PEVERELIST, Livity, VV.AA. Livity Sound (Livity Sound)

mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

Thermos di mercoledi 4 dicembre 2013

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Niney The Observer - 'Jam Down' (Jamaican Recordings)
Junior Marvin - 'Police & Thieves' (Island) R.I.P.
La Machine - 'Find The Way' (Castle Face)
The Oscillation - 'No Place To Go' (All Time Low)
Younghusband - 'Left Of The Rocks' (Sonic Cathedral)
Group Rhoda - 'King' (Not Not Fun)
Patrick Cowley - 'Mocking Bird Dream' (Dark Entries)
Craig Leon - 'Donkeys Bearing Cups' (Superior Viaduct)
Factory Floor - 'Work Out' (DFA)
Cut Hands - 'Damballah 58' (Blackest Ever Black)
Talker - 'Cut The Weight (Pts. I & II)' dalla compilation 'Halha: 20 Years Of Downwards' (Downwards)
Kerridge - 'Chant' (Downwards)
Nils Petter Molvaer & Moritz Von Oswald - 'Further' (Universal)