mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 29 gennaio (speciale minimal synth/coldwave pt.3)

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Kevin Lazar - 'Dark Heart Cabaret' (Vinyl On Demand)
The Human League - 'The Things That Dreams Are Made Of' (Control Room)
Streetwalker - 'The Real Thing' (Cititrax)
Tuxedomoon - 'Where Interests Lie' (Superior Viaduct)
The Soft Moon - 'Feel' (Self Released)
Ike Yard - 'Cherish 8 (The KVB remix)' (Desire)
Liaisons Dangereuses - 'Avant - après Mars' (Soul Sheriff)
Emily Faryna - 'I've Got A Steel Bar In My Head' (Vinyl On Demand)
Peter Becker - 'Eyes Blink (Disco Mix)' (Vinyl On Demand)
Godley & Creme - 'Babies' dalla compilation 'Metal Dance 2' (Strut)
Blancmange - 'Just Another Spectre' (Minimal Wave)
Burma Camp - 'Repulsion' (Mira)

Alberto Simoni - Thermos 29/01/14 Speciale Minimal Synth/Coldwave pt.3 - Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

Modern Paranoia

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

THE BUG, Hardcore Lover feat. WARRIOR QUEEN (Acid Ragga)
KELELA, Enemy [Prod. NGUZUNGUZU], Cut 4 Me (Fade to mind)
PATTEN, oea/Catalogue, Eolian Instate (Warp)
CLAMS CASINO, Lvl [A$AP ROCKY], Instrumental Mixtape 3 (Self-released)
AKKORD, Conveyor, Akkord (Houndstooth)
C L N K, Tears for Fears, Black Ecstasy (Error-Broadcast)
LEE BANNON, NW/WB, Alternate/Endings (Ninja Tune)
BASS CLEF, Apathy Flash, Acid Tracts E.P. (MAGIC + DREAMS)
SILENT SERVANT, Lust Abandon (POWELL Reconstruction), Jealous God 03 (Jealous God)
GARDLAND, Magicville, Syndrome Syndrome (RVNG Intl.)
CHARLES COHEN, Camera Dance, The Middle Distance (Morphine)
METASPLICE, Dioxinition, Infratracts (Morphine)
EGYPTRIXX, Water, A/B Till Infinity (Night Slugs)
LUCY, 201 Phasing, 201 Phasing (CLR)

giovedì 23 gennaio 2014

What Time Is Hate?

In studio Alarico Mantovani

MISTY CONDITIONS, Drizzle, D'zzzz (Planet Mu)
C L N K, Dristor, Black Ecstasy (Error Broadcast)
POWELL, Fizz, Fizz (Liberation Technologies)
REZZETT, Yayla, Rezzett (The Trilogy Tapes)
SILENT SERVANT, Lust Abandon, Jealous God 03 (Jealous God)
EGYPTRIXX, Alta Civilization, A/B Till Infinity (Night Slugs)
VOICES FROM THE LAKE, Drop 2, Silent Drops (Prologue)
GARDLAND, Ride Wid Me, Syndrome Syndrome (RVNG Intl.)
BASS CLEF, Strings of Death, Acid Tracts E.P. (MAGIC + DREAMS)
DEMDIKE STARE, Null Results, Testpressing # 004 (Modern Love)
LEE BANNON, Readly/Available, Alternate/Endings (Ninja Tune)
DJ RASHAD, Let U No feat. SPINN + I'm Too Hi feat. EARL, Double Cup (Hyperdub)

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 22 gennaio

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Deathday - 'Dropped Into Obscurity' (Mannequin)
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - 'Rumble At The Rainbo' (Domino)
Against Me! - 'Dear Friend' (Total Treble)
Clock DVA - 'The Adoptive Morphology Begins (phase V)' (Anterior Research)
Death Comet Crew - 'Alpha Delta' (Citinite)
Shackleton - 'Freezing Opening Thawing' (Woe To The Septic Heart)
Helm - 'Analogues' (PAN)
Container - 'Complex' (Liberation Technologies)
Pfirter - 'New State Of Consciusness (Lucy Remix)' (MindTrip)
Laurel Halo - 'Chance Of Rain' (Hyperdub)
Vereker - 'Untamed' (The Trilogy Tapes)
Pye Corner Audio - 'Dystopian Vector Part One' (Type)
Actress - 'Corner' (Ninja Tune) 

Alberto Simoni e Amedeo Bruni Thermos 22/01/14 Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

mercoledì 15 gennaio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 15 gennaio

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Pixies - 'Magdalena' (Self Released)
Shopping - 'Right Now' (Milk)
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - 'Fuck Off Get Free (For The Island Of Montreal)' (Constellation)
Glaxo Babies - 'Christine Keeler' dalla ristampa di 'Put Me On The Guest List' (Superior Viaduct)
Mark Lanegan - 'Halcyon Daze' (Light In The Attic)
Arovane - 'Gniddt' (n5Music)
Mouse On Mars - 'Bakerman Is Breaking Bad' (Monkeytown)
eMMplekz - 'Tethered To My Hotspot' (Mordant Music)
Area Forty_One - 'Nocturnal Passions Part I' (Delsin)
Svengalisghost - 'High Heel Sleaze' dalla compilation 'Music For Shut Ins' (L.I.E.S.)
AnD - 'IcDbYc' (Electric Deluxe)
Secret Boyfriend- 'Beyond The Darkness' (Blackest Ever Black)
Ø - 'Syvyydessä Kimallus' (Sahko)

Alberto Simoni e Amedeo Bruni - Thermos 15/01/14 Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

Best singles & EPs 2013

DJ RASHAD, Way I Feel, I Don't Give a Fuck (Hyperdub)
WEN, Spark It, Commotion (Keysound)
RUSTIE, Slasherr, Triadzz / Slasherr (Numbers)
SEPALCURE, He Said No, Make You (Hotflush)
TESSELA, Horizon, Nancy's Pantry (R&S)
REZZETT, Sutty, Rezzett (The Trilogy Tapes)
PETE SWANSON, Punk Authority, Punk Authority (Software)
SHAPEDNOISE, Witness of a Heart Attack Death, Until Human Voices Wake Us (Opal Tapes)
MILES, Plutocracy, Unsecured (Modern Love)
RAINER VEIL, Wade In, Struck (Modern Love)
DEMDIKE STARE, Fail, Testpressing #004 (Modern Love)
POWELL, A Band, Untitled (The Death of Rave)
MORPHOSIS, Tamrat Version, Dismantle / Music for Vampyr (Honest Jon's)
LDGU, Flakin Off, Rattigan Glumphoboo (Queenspectra)
ACTRESS, Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion, Silver Cloud (Werk Discs / Ninja Tune)

mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 8 gennaio

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Burial - 'Rival Dealer' (Hyperdub)
Logos ft. Rabit - 'Swarming' (Keysound Recordings)
Egyptrixx - 'A/B Til Infinity' (Night Slugs)
Arthur Russell - 'This Is How We Walk On The Moon' (Arc Light Editions)
David Bowie - 'Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)' (ISO)
Barnett + Coloccia - 'Switch' (Blackest Ever Black)
Oake - 'Wekanee Siin Redrech Enjen' (Downwards)
Kerridge - 'Death Is Upon Us' (Downwards)
Skirt - 'Wish In The Maze (Inigo Kennedy Remix)' (Semantica)
Conforce - 'Scientific Trajectory' (Delsin)
Ron Morelli - 'Public Consuption' (Hospital Productions)

Best albums 2013

AKKORD – Akkord (Houndstooth)
DALHOUS – An Ambassador For Laing (Blackest Ever Black)
DJ RASHAD – Double Cup (Hyperdub)
DONATO DOZZY – Plays Bee Mask (Spectrum Spools)
DUCKTAILS – The Flower Lane (Domino)
FIRE! - Without Noticing (Rune Grammofon)
FUNCTION – Incubation (Ostgut Ton)
THE HAXAN CLOAK – Excavation (Tri Angle)
HOLDEN – The Inheritors (Border Community)
JON HOPKINS – Immunity (Domino)
KERRIDGE – A Fallen Empire (Downwards)
MACHINEDRUM – Vapor City (NinjaTune)
METASPLICE – Infratracts (Morphine)
THESE NEW PURITANS – Field of Reeds (Infectious)
TIM HECKER – Virgins (Kranky)

ACTEURS – Acteurs (Public Information)
BENJAMIN DAMAGE – Heliosphere (50Weapons)
BOARDS OF CANADA – Tomorrow's Harvest (Warp)
DEAN BLUNT – The Redeemer (Hippos In Tanks)EMPTYSET – Recur (Raster-Noton)
FIRE! ORCHESTRA – Exit! (Rune Grammofon)
FLOORPLAN – Paradise (M-Plant)
THE HELIOCENTRICS – 13 Degrees ofReality (Now-Again)
THE KNIFE – Shaking the Habitual (Braille)
LOGOS – Cold Mission (Keysound)
MAXMILLION DUNBAR – House of Woo (Rvng Intl.)
MISTY CONDITIONS – D'zzzz (PlanetMu)
THE OH SEES – Floating Coffin (Castle Face)
OMAR SOULEYMAN – Wenu Wenu (RibbonMusic)
oOoOO – Without Your Love (Nihjgt Feelings)
PROSTITUTES – Crushed Interior (Digitalis)
RABIH BEAINI – Albidaya (Annihaya)
RON MORELLI - Spit (HospitalProductions)
RP BOO – Legacy (Planet Mu)
STELLAR OM SOURCE – Joy One Mile (Rvng Intl.)
VARIOUS – Livity Sound (Livity Sound)
WOLF EYES – No Answer Lower Floors (De Stjil)