venerdì 28 giugno 2013

Thermos, 27.6.MMXIII

† VIOLETSHAPED - 'Black Wisdom, White Witch' [da 'A.V. - The Black Ideal'] (Unknown Precept)
† A VISION IN LOVE - 'Black & Blue (For You)' (Avian)
† RROSE - 'Shrouds' (Eaux)
† DIAMOND VERSION - 'The Future of Memory' (Mute)
† FUCK BUTTONS - 'Year of the Dog' (ATPR)
† TROPIC OF CANCER - 'Fall Apart' [da 'A.V. - Electric Voice II'] (Electric Voice)
† RODAN - 'Darjeeling' (Touch&Go)
† EAGLE TWIN - 'Lorca (Adan)' (Southern Lord)
† RETOX - 'Consider The Scab Already Picked' (Three One G)
† TURBONEGRO - 'I Got A Knife' (Volcov)
† SHERWOOD & PINCH - 'Bring Me Weed (Weed Psychosis Mix)' (On-U Sound/Tectonic)
† James HOLDEN - 'Blackpool Late Eighties' (Border Community)
† PEARSON SOUND - 'REM' (Pearson Sound)
† MORPHOSIS - 'Music For Vampyr (i) Arrival' (Honest Jon's)
† FORWARD STRATEGY GROUP – 'Inside The Shadows' [da 'A.V.- Delta Sampler'] (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
† DEVO - 'Mongoloid'  [da 'Hardcore Devo Volume 1 - 74/77'] (Rykodisc)

giovedì 20 giugno 2013

Thermos di giovedi 20 giugno

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Edwyn Collins - 'Forsooth' (Aed)
The Pastels - 'Check My Heart' (Domino)
Primal Scream - 'Culturecide' (First International)
Ruts DC - 'Sun & The Stars' (Sosumi Recordings)
Uk Decay - 'Shake 'em Up' (Uk Decay)
Oake - 'Nihnin ned Bargund' (Downwards)
Dalhous - 'The Physical Body' (Blackest Ever Black)
Frank Bretschneider - 'Super.Trigger' (Raster Noton)
Boards Of Canada - 'Sick Times' (Warp)
Sad City - 'Easing' (Phonica)
Zomby - 'Horrid' (4AD)
Akkord - 'Destruction' (Houndstooth)
Old Apparatus - 'Realise' (Sullen Tone)

mercoledì 19 giugno 2013

Pyramid Lake (Season Finale)

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

DALHOUS, Dwelling By The Meadow, An Ambassador For Laing (Blackest Ever Black)
BOARDS OF CANADA, Reach For The Dead, Tomorrow's Harvest (Warp)
HYETAL, Moving Statues, Modern Worship (True Panther)
AIRHEAD, Pyramid Lake, For Years (R&S)
DJ EARL, Blue Summer, Blue Summer (Lil Pitch)
TYLER THE CREATOR, PartyIsntOver, Wolf (Odd Future Records)
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, New Town Burnout (SHABAZZ PALACES remix), Monkey Been To Burn Town (Domino)
HOLDEN, Renata (DAPHNI remix), Renata (Border Community)
DEMDIKE STARE, Eulogy, Testpressing 003 (Modern Love)
MILES, Plutocracy, Unsecured (Modern Love)
THE KNIFE, Networking, Shaking the Habitual (Brille)
MOUNT KIMBIE, Slow, Made to Stray (Warp)
BATHS, Phaedra, Obsidian (Anticon) 
THESE NEW PURITANS, V (Island Song), Field Of Reeds (Infectious)
KENDRICK LAMAR, Sing About Me, good kid m.A.A.d city (Aftermath Interscope)

giovedì 13 giugno 2013

Thermos di giovedi 13 giugno

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Christian Kleine - 'Sun' (CRK)
Bomb The Bass - 'We Are All Lost' (O Solo)
Dirty Beaches - 'Au Revoir Mon Visage' (Zoo Music)
Forward Strategy Group - 'Clean Neckline' (Perc Trax)
Voices From The Lake - 'Reptilicus' (Geophone)
Somaticae - 'Pointless (Mondkopf remix)' (In Paradisum)
Forest Swords - 'Miarches' (No Pain In Pop)
Henrik Schwarz - 'Masse (Unknown Touch)' (Ostgut Ton)
Boards Of Canada - 'Telepath' + 'Cold Earth' (Warp)
AP Musik - 'Heptagon' (Rephlex)
Pye Corner Audio - 'Splice Block' (Public Information)
Erika - 'North Hex (Orphx remix)' (Interdimensional Transmissions)

mercoledì 12 giugno 2013

Infinite Jest

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

HYETAL, Forefathers, Modern Worship (True Panther)
BATHS, No Eyes, Obsidian (Anticon)
MOUNT KIMBIE, Break Well, Made to Stray (Warp)
DALHOUS, The Cruel Practice of Art, An Ambassador For Laing (Blackest Ever Black)
BOARDS OF CANADA, Nothing Is Real, Tomorrow's Harvest (Warp)
DJ EARL, Had My Way, Blue Summer (Lil Pitch)
STABBER, LeadHer, Mind Reloader (Lucky Beard)
TNGHT, Acrylics (Warp/LuckyMe)
MELT YOURSELF DOWN, Release!, Melt Yourself Down (Leaf)
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, Monkey Riches (BRIAN DEGRAW [GANG GANG DANCE] remix), Monkey Been To Burn Town (Domino)
HOLDEN, Renata, Renata (Border Community) 
MILES, Infinite Jest, Unsecured (Modern Love)
DEMDIKE STARE, Dislogy, Testpressing 003 (Modern Love)
PANGAEA, Viaduct, Viaduct (Hadal)

venerdì 7 giugno 2013

Thermos, giovedì 6 giugno

 ANCIENT METHODS - Kings & Pawns (Ancient Methods)
† POWELL - Fizz (Liberation Technologies)
† BLOOD MUSIC - Speak Like Violence (Diagonal)
† VECTOR LOVERS  - Warm Laundrette (Soma Quality Recordings)
† Aoki TAKAMASA - Rhythm Variation 04 (Raster Noton)
† Robert HOOD - Black Technician (Music Man Records)
† ROLANDO - Filthy (Ostgut Ton)
† DONOR - H9 (Semantica)
† SS/S (Silent Servant & Svreca) - Siglo 3/Siglo 4 (Jealous God)
† ONEIROGEN - Katabasis (Denovali Records)
† Harlod BUDD - Jane 7 (Darla Records)
† RETOX - Soviet Reunion (Epitaph)
† Blixa BARGELD & Theo TEARDO - Mi Scusi (Spècula)

mercoledì 5 giugno 2013

Fire(d) Music

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

KURT VILE, KV Crimes, Wakin On A Pretty Daze (Matador)
DEAN BLUNT, Imperial Gold feat. JOANNE ROBERTSON, The Redeemer (Hippos In Tanks)
MOUNT KIMBIE, You Took Your Time feat. KING KRULE, Made to Stray (Warp)
TYLER THE CREATOR, Jamba feat. HODGY BEATS, Wolf (Odd Future Records)
BATHS, No Past Lives, Obsidian (Anticon)
MUM, Toothwheels, Toothwheels (Morr)
THE KNIFE, Full of Fire, Shaking the Habitual (Brille)
RUSTIE, Slasherr, Triadzz / Slasherr (Numbers)
DJ SNAKE, Bird Machine feat. ALESIA
TNGHT, Acrylics (Warp/LuckyMe)
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, Monkey Riches (TRAXMAN remix), Monkey Been To Burn Town (Domino)
DJ EARL, Life in the Cloudz, Blue Summer (Lil Pitch)
SLAVA, Girls on Dick, Raw Solutions (Software)
HYETAL, Northwest Passage, Modern Worship (True Panther)
MILES, Plutocracy, Unsecured (Modern Love)
DALHOUS, Dalhous, An Ambassador For Laing (Blackest Ever Black) 
HOBBY HORSE, Success, Eponymous (Parco della musica)
MELT YOURSELF DOWN, We Are Enough, Melt Yourself Down (Leaf)