mercoledì 18 aprile 2012

Stuck Together

In studio Alarico Mantovani

SPOEK MATHAMBO, Stuck Together, Father Creeper (Sub Pop)
DOSEONE, Last Life, G is for Deep (29/5, Anticon)
BIBIO, Falls Silent (digital download)
JOHN TALABOT, Last Land, Fin (Permanent Vacation)
THEESATISFACTION, Deeper, AwE NaturalE (Sub Pop)
DVA, Pretty Ugly feat. CORNELIA, Pretty Ugly (Hyperdub)
LHF (AMEN RA), Fairytales, Keepers of the Light (Keysound)
BURIAL + FOUR TET, Nova 12'' (Text)
EMERALDS, Does It Look Like I'm Here? DAPHNI mix #1 12'' (Jiaolong)
ORBITAL, Stringy Acid, Wonky (ACP Recordings)
LONE, Crystal Caverns 1991 12'' (R&S)
ADDISON GROOVE, Sooperlooper, Transistor Rhythm (50 Weapons)
MACHINEDRUM, What You Wanted 2 Feel PIXELORD remix, Nastyfuckk EP (The Index)
BURIAL, Loner, Kindred EP (Hyperdub)
SAND CIRCLES, Endless Nights, Motor City cs (Not Not Fun)
VATICAN SHADOW, Church of All Images, Kneel Before Religious Icons LP (Type)
EMPTYSET, Tangent, Demiurge (Subtext)

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