lunedì 16 aprile 2012

(il giradischi) e i tuoi dischi

In studio Marta e Michele

Rocket Juice & The Moon - Hey Shooter (feat. Erykah Badu) (s/t - Honest Jon's Records)
White Denim - Get Back To Love (Street Joy)
Major Lazer - Get Free (feat Amber of Dirty Projectors)
JJ - Beautiful Life (Beautiful Life/Burn Secretely Canadian/Sincerely Yours)
Lucas Santtana - Musico (O Deus Que Devasta Também Cura - autoprodotto)
Chelonis R. Jones - I Don't Know (Lopazz remix)
Chelsea Wolfe - Med (Apokalypsis - Pendu Sound)
Cabaret Voltaire - Seconds Too Late ('AaVv - Trevor Jackson presents Metal Dance...' - Strut)
New Candys - Volunteer (Stars Reach The Abyss - Foolica Records)
Dive - How Long have you known? (Oshin - Captured Tracks)
La Sera - Real Boy (Sees the light - Hardly Art)
Nite Jewel - She's Always Watching You (One Second of Love - Secretly Canadian)
Fresh & Onlys - Do What I came to do? (Stash Rituals Sampler - Mexican Summer/Sofware Recording Co.)
Uochi Toki - Tavolando il Pattino con Antonio Falco (Idioti - La Tempesta)
Billy Bogus - Night Movie (Night Movie - Naang Records 2011)
Tv Girl - I Wonder She's Kissing Now
Rocket Juice & The Moon - Benko (feat. Fatoumata Diawara) (s/t - Honest Jon's Records)
The Great American Canyon Band - Burn (Tumbleweed/Burn 7'')

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