mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Thermos di mercoledi 29 gennaio (speciale minimal synth/coldwave pt.3)

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Kevin Lazar - 'Dark Heart Cabaret' (Vinyl On Demand)
The Human League - 'The Things That Dreams Are Made Of' (Control Room)
Streetwalker - 'The Real Thing' (Cititrax)
Tuxedomoon - 'Where Interests Lie' (Superior Viaduct)
The Soft Moon - 'Feel' (Self Released)
Ike Yard - 'Cherish 8 (The KVB remix)' (Desire)
Liaisons Dangereuses - 'Avant - après Mars' (Soul Sheriff)
Emily Faryna - 'I've Got A Steel Bar In My Head' (Vinyl On Demand)
Peter Becker - 'Eyes Blink (Disco Mix)' (Vinyl On Demand)
Godley & Creme - 'Babies' dalla compilation 'Metal Dance 2' (Strut)
Blancmange - 'Just Another Spectre' (Minimal Wave)
Burma Camp - 'Repulsion' (Mira)

Alberto Simoni - Thermos 29/01/14 Speciale Minimal Synth/Coldwave pt.3 - Radio Città del Capo by Alberto_Simoni on Mixcloud

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