giovedì 18 ottobre 2012

Thermos di giovedi 18 ottobre (blackest, as ever)

In studio Alberto Simoni.

Laetitia Sadier - 'Next Time You See Me' (Drag City)
Group Rhoda - 'Virtual Dancer' (Night School)
John Maus - 'North Star' (Ribbon Music)
John Foxx And The Maths feat. The Soft Moon - 'Evidence' (Metamatic)
Factory Floor - 'Two Different Ways (Richard H. Kirk Remix)' (DFA)
Silent Servant - 'Utopian Disaster (End)' (Hospital Productions)

Speciale  'Blackest Ever Black':

Cut Hands - 'Black Mamba' (Blackest Ever Black)
Black Rain - 'Now I'm Just A Number' (Blackest Ever Black)
Ike Yard - 'Loss (Regis Version)' (Blackest Ever Black)
Vatican Shadow - 'Operation Neptune Spear Part 2 (Live Mix Rehearsal)' (Modern Love)
Gareth Williams & Mary Currie - 'Beguiling The Hours' (Blackest Ever Black) 

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