mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

Mature Themes

Il primo Thermos della stagione 2012/2013!

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI, Only In my Dreams, Mature Themes (4AD)
NITE JEWEL, Mind & Eyes, One Second of Love (Secretly Canadian)
MOUNT EERIE, Lone Bell, Clear Moon (P.W. Elverum & Sun)
KWES, Lgoyh, Meantime EP (Warp)
MARIA MINERVA, The Sound, Will Happiness Find Me? (Not Not Fun)
LONE, As a Child ft. MACHINEDRUM, Galaxy Garden (R&S)
EVIAN CHRIST, Fuck It None of Ya'll Don't Rap, Kings and Them (Tri Angle)
DEATH GRIPS, @deathgripz (Adult Swim Singles Program 2012)
SHED, Ride On, The Killer (50 Weapons)
DUSK + BLACKDOWN, Focus (Blackdown VIP), High Road 12'' (Keysound)
DJ SPRINKLES + MARK FELL, Complete Spiral, Complete Spiral EP (Comatonse)
OLD APPARATUS, Chicago, Realise EP (Sullen Tone)
ROBERT HOOD, Drive (The Age of Automation), Motor: Nighttime World 3 (Music Man)
NATHAN FAKE, Glow Hole, Steam Days (Border Community)
ANSTAM, Intuit, First Sprout EP
DEAN BLUNT & INGA COPELAND, Venice Dreamway, Black Is Beautiful (Hyperdub)

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