mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

Alarico Mantovani BEST SINGLES, EP, 12", 7" of 2010

ADDISON GROOVE, Footcrab/Dumbshit 12” (Swamp'81)

AFRICA HITECH, Hitecherous EP (Warp)

BALAM ACAB, See Birds EP (Tri Angle)

BENGA, Phaze One EP (Tempa)

COMFORT FIT, Private Primate EP 7” (Error Broadcast)

DJ NATE, Hatas Our Motivation EP (Planet Mu)

DJ RASHAD, Itz Not Rite EP (Planet Mu)

FOREST SWORDS, Rattling Cage, 7" (No Pain In Pop)

FUNKINEVEN, Heart Pound/Another Space, 12" (Eglo)

GIRL UNIT, Wut, 12" (Night Slugs)

HYPE WILLIAMS, Do Roids and Kill E’rything, 7” (No Label)

HYPE WILLIAMS, Untitled EP (Carnival)

ILLUM SPHERE, Titan EP (3024)

JAMES BLAKE, Klavierwerke EP (R&S)

JOY ORBISON, The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow EP (AUS)

KAVSRAVE, Quotes EP (Numbers)

KYLE HALL, Kaychunk/You Know What I Feel 12”(Hyperdub)

MARK PRITCHARD, Elephant Dub/Heavy as Stone 12” (Deep Medi)

oOoOO, oOoOO EP (Tri Angle)

PANGAEA, Pangaea EP (Hessle Audio)

POP. 1280, The Grid EP (Sacred Bones)

THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION, Blood Bunny/Black Rabbit EP (Temporary Residence)

UNTOLD, Stereo Freeze/Mass Dreams of the Future, 12" (R&S)

WHITE RING, Suffocation EP

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BEST SINGLES, EP, 12", 7" of 2010 THERMOS ALARICO MANTOVANI 11 01 2010 by Alarico

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