giovedì 11 novembre 2010

Thermos di giovedì 11/11

In studio Amedeo Bruni e Alberto Simoni.

Bob Holroyd - 'African Drug (Four Tet Remix)' (Phonica)
Underworld - 'Strumpet Groove' (
Commix - 'Satellite Song (Underground Resistance Remix)' (Metalheadz)
Young Gods - 'Blooming' (Two Gentlemen)
The High Confessions - 'Mistaken for Cops' (Relapse)
Mike Watt - 'Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man' (Parabolica Records)
Mike Watt - 'Hollowed-Out-Man' (Parabolica Records)
Einsturzende Neubauten - 'Perpetuum Mobile (Single Version)' (Mute)
ANBB - 'Once Again' (Raster Noton)
Shipping News - 'Antebellum' (Africantape)
Shannon Wright - 'Violent Colours' (Vicious Circle)
Brian Eno - 'Dust Shuffle' (Warp)
Shed - 'Atmo - Action' (Ostgut Ton)
DMX Krew - 'Otis' (Rephlex)
Anodyne - 'Close Your Eyes' (Psychonavigation)
Styrofoam - 'Looking Glass To Zero' (Nettwerk)

THERMOS GIOVEDI 11 11 10 by alberto s.

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