lunedì 7 giugno 2010

Giorni di pioggia d estate

Così è. Lunedì 7giugno2010 Michele Restuccia in studio per un'oretta di canzoni concise,

Michael Leonhart And The Avramina 7 - Scopolamine (Seahorse And the Storyteller - Truth & Soul)
Ray Barretto - The Other Road ('AaVv - Fania Latin Jazz All Stars' - Fania / Dig It)
The Hundred In The Hands - Dressed in Dresden ('Dressed in Dresden' promo cds - Warp)
Kings Go Forth
- High On Your Love (The Outsiders Are Back - Luaka Bop)
Chrome Hoof - Sea Hornet (Crush Depth - Southern)
Hrdvision - Captiveated Heart (Where Did You Just Go ? - Wagon Repair)
The Sonnets - Sebastian Said ('Sebastian Said' promo cds - Depostz Recordings)
Dark Room Notes - The Same City Awaits Me ( We Love You Dark Matter - BBE)
per poi dire bye un mix fatto di:
Matthew Dear - Can't Feel
Ramesh - Sharm-e-boos-e
Jasmine Solano - Poetic Justice
The Cool Kids
- Strawberry Girl
Cold Cave - Life Magazine (Delorean remix)
Nas - Hey Young World
Madvillain - Papermill
Jenny Wilson - Only Here for the Fight
Poni Hoax - We are the Bankers (Renaissance Man Sax Dub)

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