lunedì 10 maggio 2010

Lunedì federalista europeissimo

In studio Michele Restuccia e Gaspare Caliri (SentireAscoltare street team)

The Hundred In The Hands
- Dressed in Dresden (Kyle MF Hall Remix) ('Dressed in Dresden' promo cds - Warp)
Pit Er Pat
- Water (The Flexible Entertainer - Thrill Jockey)
Pantha du Prince - The Splendour (Black Noise - Rough Trade) in concerto sabato 15 maggio al Link di Bologna
Land Of Kush's Egyptian Light Orchestra - Like The Thread Of A Spider (Monogamy - Constellation) --> un anteprima
Cobblestone Jazz - Children (The Modern Deep Left quartet - Wagon Repair / !K7)
Indian Jewelry - Walk Through Fire (We Are the Wild Beast - Tigerbeat 6 2008)
We Have Band - Divisive (Carl Craig remix) ('Divisive' promo cds - Naive)
The Chap - Maroccan Nights (Well Done Europe - Lo Recordings) in concerto giovedì 13 maggio al Clandestino di Faenza
Sia - Clap Your Hands (Diplo remix) ( exclusive)
Holy Fuck - Milkshake (Lp - Young Turks 2007)
O'Spada - Time ('Pay Off' promo cds - Depotz)
Arrington De Dionyso - Kedalaman Air (Malaikat Dan Singa - K Recs)
Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One - Special (Parallel Uni-verses - Gold Dust 2009)
Gonjasufi - Kowboyz&Indians (A Sufi And A Killer - Warp)
Ganglians - The Void (Monster Head room - Souterrain Transmissions) in concerto lunedì 31 maggio al Clandestino di Faenza

baci e musica in stereoscopia

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