lunedì 3 maggio 2010

Lunedì è

In studio Michele Restuccia con tanti dischi e tanti pensieri primaverili grazie anche a un paio di canzoni scelte da Jonathan!

We Have Band - Divisive (Divisive Ep - Naive)
Art Boulevard - That Is the Way (1987 > 1985 A Story Backwards - Spittle Records 2009)
Das Racist - Who's That Brown ('AaVv - SPIN Presents AUSTIN POWER: Best SXSW Bands 2010' -
Delorean - It's all ours (Subiza - True Panther)
Roland Brival - Chaj Mile-A (Créole Gypsy - Isma's Productions/Discograph 1980/2001)
Shafiq Husayn - Evil Man ('Evil Man' promo cds - Rapster)
Extra Classic - Congo Rebel ( exclusive)
Tweak Bird - A Sun /Ahh Ahh ('A Sun / Ahh Ahh / Stampeado' promo cds - Souterrain Transmissions)
Tosca - Joe Si Ha (Spirit Catcher Version) (Pony No Hassle Versions - G-Stone)
Victor Deme - Séré Jugu (Deme - Chap Blues)
Best Coast - Our Deal (anteprima del prossimo disco venturo tanto atteso)
Matthew Herbert - Leipzig (One One - Accidental Records)
Liars - Too Much Too Much (Sister World - Mute)
Mose Allison - Let It Come Down (The Way of the World - Anti)
The Hundred In The Hands - Sleepwalkers ('This Desert' ep - Warp)
New Young Pony Club - Chaos (Johan and Dekker remix) ('Chaos' promo cds - Pias / The Numbers)


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