mercoledì 16 ottobre 2013

Thermos di mercoledi 16 ottobre (speciale minimal synth/coldwave pt.2)

In studio Alberto Simoni.

John Foxx and the Belbury Circle - 'The Time Of Your Life' (2013) (Ghost Box)
Light House - 'The Walls Want Communion' (2013) (Mannequin)
Tropic Of Cancer - 'Court Of Devotion' (2013) (Blackest Ever Black)
Clock Dva - 'The Adoptive Morphology Begins (phase V)' (1994-95/2013) (Anterior Research Media Comm)
Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici - 'Back and Forth' (1985/2013) dalla compilation 'Mutazione' (Strut)
Carter Tutti - 'Coolicon' (2013) (Conspiracy International)
Factory Floor - 'How You Say' (2013) (DFA)
Vice Versa - 'Riot Squad' (1979/2013) dalla compilation 'Metal Dance 2' (Strut)
Dark Day - 'Hands In The Dark' (1979/2013) (Dark Entries)
Cabaret Voltaire - 'Split Second Feeling' (1981/2013) dalla ristampa di 'Red Mecca' (Mute)
David Sinfield/League Of Nations - 'Systematic Eyes' (1982-83/2013) dalla ristampa di 'Oblique Strategy/Music for the New Depression' (Anna Logue)
Mark Stewart - 'Hysteria' (Mute)

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