mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

Erosion of Mediocrity

In studio Alarico Mantovani:

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, Honeycomb 7'' (Domino, june 26th)
ALEXANDER TUCKER, A Dried Seahorse, Third Mouth (Thrill Jockey)
JULIA HOLTER, In the Same Room, Ekstasis (RVNG Intl.)
MIRRORING, Cliffs, Foreign Body (Kranky)
SPOEK MATHAMBO, Put Some Red On It, Father Creeper (Sub Pop)
oOoOO, Springs, Our Loving Is Hurting Us EP (Tri Angle)
THEESATISFACTION, God + Enchantruss, AwE NaturalE (Sub Pop)
LHF, Broken Glass, Keepers of the Light (Keysound)
UNTOLD, Luminous, Change in a Dynamic Environment 1 (Hemlock)
LONE, Lying in the Reeds, Galaxy Garden (R&S)
ACTRESS, Holy Water + Marble Plexus, R.I.P. (Honest Jon's)
THEO PARRISH Meets MANCINGELANI, Shangaan Shake (Honest Jon's)
DEMDIKE STARE, Erosion of Mediocrity, da Elemental (Modern Love)
DEATH GRIPS, I've Seen Footage, da The Money Store (Epic)
ORBITAL, Distractions, da Wonky (ACP Recordings)

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