lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

M'estre non è bologna

In studio Michele e Marta

The Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa (Metronomy remix) (The Very Best Remixes of the Very Best - Moshi Moshi)
Air - Seven Stars (Feat. Victoria Legrand) (La Voyage dans la Lune - Astralwerks)
Frank Ocean - Swim Good (Ultra. Nostalgia - Def Jam)
Berlinist - 10 Mile Stereo (
M+A - traccia 4 (cd autopropd)
Appaloosa - Intimate (Glass Candy Remix)
Body Language - Falling Out (Tiger & Woods remix) (Om records digitale)
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Paradisco (Stage Whisper - Because Music)
The Rapture - Sail Away (In the Grace of Your Love - DFA)
Of Montreal - Wintered Debts (Paralytic Stalks - Polyvinyl)
M+A - Yes Pop (Things Yes - Monotreme)
School of Seven Bells - The Night (Ghostory -
Vagrant Records/Ghostly International)
Matana Roberts - How Much Would You Cost? (Coin Coin Chapter One - Constellation)
Cat Cat - Keys and Locks don't work
Azaelia Banks - 212
Storm Queen - It Goes On (Environ)

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