lunedì 7 novembre 2011

Thermos must be the place

In studio Gaspare Caliri di e Michele Restuccia

Cass Mc Combs - Love Thine Enemy (Humor Risk - Domino)
The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love? (Emperor Machine remix)
Talking Heads - I Zimbra (Fear Of Music - Sire 1979)
Dub Syndicate - Walking Jerusalem (Echomania - On U Sound 1993) sabato in concerto al Locomotiv Club di Bologna
Seefeel - Dead Guitars (Seefeel - Warp 2010)
Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal (The Bug remix) ('Hurricane - Dub' - Wall of Sound)
Social Climbers - Chicken 80 (Social Climbers - Drag City)
Twin Sister - Gene Ciampi
Musica Per Bambini - Specchietto ('AaVv - Trovarobato Songswap' - Trovarobato 2010) in concerto martedì 12 dicembre a Live on Tuesday, i martedì con concerto di SentireAscoltare al Teatrino degli Illusi di Bologna
Lucas Santtana - Super Violao Mashup (Sem Nostalgia - Mais Um Discos)
Roll The Dice - Cause & Effect (In Dust - Leaf Label)
Andrea Belfi & Ignaz Schick - Muth 6 (The Myth Of Persistence Of Vision Revisited - Zarek)
Jus Wan - Miles Away ('AaVv - Brownswood electr*c2' - Brownswood)
David Lynch - Good Day Today (Crazy Clown Time - Sunday Best)
The Glimmers - U Rocked My World (Lipelis remix) ('AaVv -
Ritz Paris Bar - Session One' - Naive)
Esperanza - Hanamachi (Esperanza - Gomma)

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