lunedì 1 marzo 2010

Monday Depot

In studio Jonathan Clancy con il mix che ti stende di Michele Restuccia in chiusura...

Happy Birthday - Girls FM (s/t - Sub Pop)
Happy Bithday - Subliminal Message (s/t - Sub Pop)
Persona La Ave - Beach 2
Twin Sister - I Want A House (Vampires With Dreaming Kids - self released)
The Soft Pack - Parasites (s/t - Kemado)
White Hinterland - Moon Jam (Kairos - Dead Oceans)
Gigi - Dreams Of Romance (Maintenant - Tomlab)
The Strange Boys - I See (Be Brave - Rough Trade)
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow (EP - Aus)

mix mr

J Majik - Your Sound (15 Years Of Metalheadz The Album - Metalheadz 2009)
State of Art - Venice (Dancefloor Statements - Spittle Records 2009)
Aidoru - Marcia Finale (Canzoni Songs Paesaggi Landscapes - Trovarobato)
Tunng - Hustle (and then we Saw Land - Full Time Hobby)
Gil Scott Heron - Your Soul And Mine (I'm New Here - XL)
Hot Chip - I Feel Better (1 life Stand - Emi)
Mav!s - What You Looking For (Featuring John Turrell)

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